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Follows a Turkish agent working under the assumed identity of Polat Alemdar attempting to infiltrate the Turkish mafia.
The Wolves of The Valley serie is written by Osman Sinav which explains Turkish mafia related with external international powers. The series lasted 97 episodes. The header character is Polat Alemdar and his mafia crew. Polat is an agent who tries to destroy whole Turkish Mafia assigned by KGB (agency). Also , as long as polat digs the deepside of mafia he learns bitter truths about his past and his family. Today The Wolves of The Valley still goes on with many character substitutions and with different name.
Kurtlar Vadisi may be a good time passing movie for the ones who have to much empty time. Actaually I didn't like the serial at all. Why may you ask? Well it's very hard to see a movie who takes all the mafia com-plots in one, with poor action and bad acting. It seems just like they created the other Octopod (the serial Italian movie about mafia) with a little less touch. Also I didn't like the so called Polat Alemdar smoking cigarettes quite in every screen, making him self very charismatic with his Zibo lighter (a friend of mine restarted smoking for this, I am not 100% sure thought but yes it gives you effect). Well the beautiful actress Özgü Namal (in Elif Eylül role) tried very hard and she showed her best performance but she could't do any miracle surrounded by ''not at all good'' actors. Long story short ''Bad''. It's not worth being watched, as long as you have to much empty time!
At the beginning I thought that there has been a huge gap between the scenario of the series and the performances of some performers.To be specific I'm talking about Necati Sasmaz ,I thought the expressions of his face are the same ,but as the episodes passing he was getting better and better.Regarding the scenario ,it is one of the best I didn't think that Turkey would ever produce one of the most powerful productions .On the other hand,the story of th series is complicated ,but it reveals so much real plots that are happening in the world especially the relationship between all the sorts of Mafia .The series could discuss so serious events ,still it shows how the power of love towards the homeland would make the man stronger no matter what will happen to the people you love and care about.

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